Weight Watchers, after helping a lot of people lose their weight, is now changing its diet formula.

The weight-loss giant has replaced its Points plan in the U.S. with a new system called PointsPlus.

PointsPlus, seen as the biggest innovation in more than a decade, uses the latest scientific research to create a program that goes far beyond traditional calorie counting to give people the edge they need to lose weight and keep it off in a fundamentally healthier way.

The net effect is weight loss that is satisfying, healthful and flexible all at the same time.

The new formula takes into account the energy contained in each of the components that make up calories – protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre – and it also factors how hard the body works to process them (conversion cost) as well their respective eating satisfaction (satiety).

In addition to the new formula, foods that are low in energy density and therefore, more highly satisfying, are emphasized within the program. Specifically, all fresh fruits and most vegetables now have zero PointsPlus values.

The new program features, combined with the fundamentals of the Weight Watchers approach make PointsPlus the most revolutionary and innovative program the company has ever offered.

“Our new PointsPlus program is based on the latest scientific research and is designed to guide people to foods that are nutrient dense and highly satisfying, ensuring they will make healthful decisions, have successful weight loss and learn to keep their weight off long-term,” said Karen Miller-Kovach, chief scientific officer, Weight Watchers International, Inc.