Meditation Expert

Meditation Expert

Benjamin Langley, author of the new book, Master Meditation Master Your Life, is offering over $100.00 in free downloadable bonuses for anyone who purchases this book from These audio bonuses include responses to some common questions and requests received from current practitioners and new students of meditation. Complete details can be found at

Powerful Audio Recordings: Some of the free bonuses are an in-depth look at a meditation technique that can be done in less than 30 seconds, several guided meditation mp3s, and a deeper look at the Seven Secrets that form the structure of the book.

Incredible Free Content: There are free mp3 recordings for those on the notification list, and those who purchase the book get the full $100 plus in bonuses (for buying a book that costs less the $20.00).

No Need for Masters or Monasteries: The book and bonuses focus on simple, straightforward meditations that anyone can learn to do right now, without years of practice.

Impress Your Family, Friends, and Coworkers: These techniques can quickly eliminate stress and anxiety from your life… how impressed will all those close to you be when they see the more relaxed, peaceful, and happy you in action?