Scientific Research

Has there been any scientific research on Meditation that proves its benefit?
There have been many scientific studies on the role of meditation in health
and diseases…
Some of the results of these studies on meditation, enumerated along with
disease condition.
Hypertension: A considerable decrease in the fluctuations of blood pressure.
Meditation may also cure mild to moderate raised blood pressure particularly
when combined with right diet and exercise.
Cardiovascular diseases: There was a decrease in the body weight in some
studies. Other studies showed a decrease in bad cholesterol. Still others showed
decreased vascular inflammation that is a hall mark of heart attack and stroke
Substance abuse disorders: Psychological attunement and behavioral changes
were observed.
Anxiety disorders: Decrease stress and anxiety. It may also help in depressive
Cancer: Better quality of life in cancer patients due to fewer stress symptoms
and mood disturbances. May also pay a role in ameliorating cancer pain along
with pain reducing medications.
Asthma: Helps in asthma management. May reduce acute attacks particularly
those related to anxiety or mood disturbances.
Chronic pain: May increase pain threshold and decrease the need for pain
killers. These drugs are known to damage the liver, kidney and cause ulcers in
the stomach.
Type II DM: Meditation in clinical trials has been shown to reduce insulin
resistance. It also may reduce the components of metabolic syndrome. Blood
sugar lowering has been seen in DM patients who have been started on
Fibromyalgia: May reduce pain and bring about a sense of well being.
Aging: Studies in octogenarians have shown that meditation significantly
improved cognitive flexibility and word fluency.


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