Meditation Spectators

Testimonials for Dr. Basu Ray’s lecture and workshop on meditation; real people
who have attended the lectures and meditation workshop, what they say.

I was fascinated to learn the influence meditation has on a person’s life. Dr. Basu Ray’s
speech gave me a much better understanding of how and why meditation should be
part of everyone’s daily life. I was amazed to hear about how meditation can help the
length and quality of life for someone with.. cancers.. My Aunt and Grandma both
died from breast cancer and mediation was never a part of their treatment and it
makes me wonder what would have happened if they knew how it could.
Brianne Arndt
This was a great lecture and I felt as though I could defiantly relate to the subject.
Rheymona Kennedy
Held a lot of interest for me because it was so educational. I had never heard of
meditation from such a medical stand point… .His comments about meditation calming
down the brain and actually changing the brain waves also made a lot of sense to me.
..was extremely informative and interactive. I thought this man did a wonderful job
and wouldn’t mind hearing more from him again in the future.
Mary Catalusci
He was able to relate a lot of information and facts in a way I could easily understand.
I really liked the true stories and examples he shared, which showed how meditation
can help people. I had previously heard about meditation and the powers of the mind
before, but his medical and factual analysis of it proved to me that it was now
scientifically known that it could improve one’s health.
Nicki Frazer
By using techniques that Dr. Basu-Ray utilizes, we have the power to significantly affect
the health of our own body and mind…
Cindy Serrani
In my opinion, the meditation lecture by Dr. Basu-Ray, was awesome, if not the best
of the lecture series. It was an honor for someone from the Harvard Medical School
to come and lecture to us. His knowledge of meditation and disease was fascinating.
Brittany Student
Excellent! I am yet to come across a more beautiful exposition of enhancing one’s power
by using meditation…The workshop was a mind blowing experience. I have never
experience such quietness ever.
Sree Srikant
Being a physician myself, even I did not know that meditation can be so effective…the
workshop was excellent. I never felt so relaxed and thoughtless ever before. Following
the program I felt like I got rejuvenated.


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