Meditation for Health

Meditation for Health

The key to a healthier, happier lifestyle is just an Internet click away with the “Meditation for Health” podcast series by Dr. Robert Puff, Ph.D. The podcasts provide a wealth of information on meditation for those exploring the topic for the first time, anyone who is already meditating, and professionals who would like to start their own meditation practice.

Puff is a well-known TV host, clinical psychologist, author and international inspirational speaker. Along with Elizabeth Cappelletti, M.A., LMFT, marriage and family therapist, holistic success expert, author and international speaker, the duo provides meditation advice, tips and information on their weekly podcast.

Episodes alternate topics to include three different areas of interest. They include the latest medical research on meditation benefits, tips on beginning or deepening meditation practices, and guided meditation selections to listen to while meditating.

Studies have proven that meditation has a profound effect on health and wellness. It can calm fears and anxieties and has the potential to improve coronary health and sleeping habits, and aids in managing stress, depression and anger. With calm, soothing voices and demeanors, Puff and Cappelletti lead viewers through actual meditations that they can use at home. Puff and Cappelletti’s podcasts are designed to inform, guide and inspire anyone at any level of meditation.

The podcasts examine a wide variety of meditation topics that includes meditation to do well in school, meditation and Multiple Sclerosis and how to utilize meditation techniques to help overcome a wide array of fears. Podcasts also address how meditation can aid patients with cancer, memory loss and pain, as well as how to obtain and maintain a positive attitude.

Puff utilizes his more than 30 years of experience to present and explore meditation techniques from around the world, providing his many viewers with the options that work best for them. Implementing meditation techniques as part of a daily routine will help prepare anyone for the stress they’ll face, and it provides them with the means to handle those stresses with calm and dignity.

Meditation can be utilized by those of any age and it’s never too late to begin a meditation routine. For those that are unable to view the podcasts as they air, they can watch at a later time when it’s more convenient. The site maintains an archive of previous “Meditation for Health” podcasts that visitors can access anytime.