The MindSparke

The MindSparke

Mind Evolve Software today announced the release of a new breed of online brain training systems: MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro and Brain Fitness Pro SE.

“MindSparke transforms brain training from a haphazard hobby into a powerful prescription for cognitive gain,” said Martin Walker, CEO of Mind Evolve Software. “Improving brain power takes effort and determination; we give people the tools and support they need to succeed.”

Brain Fitness Pro’s unique program calibrates immediately to the trainee’s ability delivering a carefully sequenced set of exercises and tracking absolute progress on a daily basis. Packed with information, inspiration, and novel training mechanisms, the MindSparke training suite embodies a new gold standard for computerized brain training.

“In our trials we found that meditation multiplied training gains,” Walker noted, “So we developed a guided meditation module for SE.” Summarizing his philosophy, Walker added, “If it works, it’s in.”

MindSparke’s customers already enjoy the tangible and profound benefits its training brings to career success, academic gain, and general mental sharpness. “It’s changed my life,” said one enthusiastic MindSparker, “I can’t wait to get a hold of the latest version.”

MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro and SE are available now at; the training costs a lot less than your daily cup of coffee.