Ashram in India

Ashram in India

If you are interested in undertaking a spiritual journey, then, India is the perfect place to for you to start. India is land of ashrams where you will come across some of the most distinguished spiritual gurus, yoga gurus and ashrams in India. From Baba Ramdev, who teaches pranayama, to Mata Amritanandmayi, who takes you on a soul satisfying spiritual journey, to the Missionaries of charity, dedicated to the uplifting of the needy, you will come across numerous personalities teaching the same art of living. Even though the technique is different, all the Indian ashrams have the same aim, i.e., make people spiritually aware and contribute to the social good.

For this purpose, Yogiraj Ramesh ji has established SRI PEETHAM, an ashram which extends hospitalities to Indians and NRIs the period of Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh and even during annual Magh Mela in Allahabaad, known the world over as Teerthraj Prayag. SRI PEETHAM Ashram is registered under the Society Registration Act 1860 U.P Government.

Since 30 years, this institution relief is being provided to the devotees through every type of yagya and hawans. The ashram also established a Shri Pitham Charitable Trust as subsidiary of Shri Pitham Ashrama by Shri Shri 1008 Shri Pitham Pithadhishwara Yogiraj Shri Ramesh Ji Maharaj (Superb Guru of Tantra-Mantra-Yantra-Meditation- Third Eye Meditation).

Here you can experience very high loving vibration and absorb its healing qualities. Delicious meals in form of free Bhandara are served and shared in a very loving way to the poor beggars; at the Ashram. We are happy to open our doors for people who feel a connection with the Ashram and who are interested in our projects and activities. We do not welcome people who are related with any sect and their manipulating activities.

The principle of our Ashram is to share our food, room, our feelings and our love. And we love to share! Many people are working here to keep the building and the garden as nice and clean as it is. Please feel free to come and visit our Ashram whenever you are in Allahabad. If you wish to come when Swami Ji are there, you can check our schedule. Yogiraj Maharaj always visit to India and he like Hinduism activities as Spiritual Healing and he also visit to Ashram in India.