Have you ever been in the situation when everything is pear-shaped? No matter what you do, it seems as if you are hitting your head against a brick wall and there does not seem a way out.

Sometimes this can take the form of a series of minor daily setbacks, such as a missed promotion, misplacing your wallet and keys and running late for appointments. Other times, life looks like you are running a marathon and ever major obstacle is in your way – you’re in heavy debt, your partner has been laid-off from work, your mortgage payments are overdue and to top it all you discover you are pregnant.

When life gets to you, it can feel like you are lost and alone. Your friends are pre-occupied with their own problems and you do not know which way to turn for advise or support.

Some people can cope and ride the waves. They seem to have an inbuilt Pollyanna attitude – no matter what life throws at them, they smile and bounce right back. But if you are like most people, troubles get you down.

Have you noticed when you are low, your energy is zapped and stress levels rise. You can’t sleep, you toss and turn and worry; you eat junk food and can’t be bothered to cook, your partner and children complain you are always moaning and picking on them…it seems as if every where you turn, something or someone is in your way and everything goes wrong.

Five Ways To Manage Stress When All Seems Lost

When life gets to you, what can you do to manage your stress? How can you hold your head up and see the blessings, the hidden message in your troubles? How can you keep on going and not fall prey to even more bad luck and bad news? It seems as if you are a magnet and every negative vibe floating by lands on your lap and devours you. No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to regain your enthusiasm and constantly feel anxious and irritable.