Radical Husbandry



“Disastrous experience has shown that the habitats afforded by Africa are brittle and susceptible to ruin. The monumental failure of the earthnut (peanut) project in Tanganyika—a megalomaniac pipe-dream advanced in ignorance of the plainest facts about African soils—is well known. Where the vegetation of the great African plateau is replaced by crop plants, many soils either set rock-hard or erode, and carrying capacity declines. The record supports one radical conclusion. Only under the natural communities of game animals can a high biological capture and turnover of solar energy be maintained. This conclusion calls for the management of game to produce protein in the food supply.”

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Fiber Optics Light Up
“Recently, light conductors of a special type have been transformed from trivial curiosities to important optical devices. In this form they are made of bundles of very thin and therefore flexible, glass fibers, usually coated with a layer of glass of a different kind.