Indian Edition

Indian Edition

Aro Books worldwide and Zorba Publishers are preparing an Indian subcontinent edition of Ngakma Nor’dzin’s book Relaxing into Meditation. First published in August 2010, Relaxing into Meditation has been well recieved as a guide to relaxation and meditation. It is described by reviewer Rosinna Ippolito as “the best book on meditation I’ve ever read”. The Indian subcontinent edition will make this book available to the 230 million english speakers in India and will be available in January 2011.

Relaxing into Meditation

Ngakma Nor’dzin, a Western Buddhist Lama, guides us through relaxation and breathing exercises that lead into meditation. The methods are described in friendly and accessible language, and will enhance the lives of those who practise them.

Relaxing into Meditation begins with relaxation and breathing techniques specifically aimed at creating relaxation of the body and calmness of mind before embarking on meditation practices which may be more demanding. In this way it provides a place where anyone can begin, without any prior experience.

Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises enable us to be calmer human beings. Through learning to quieten the breath and relax the body, we can approach the circumstances of our lives in a calmer and more relaxed manner. Discovering relaxation offers the opportunity to begin to practise meditation