Many people honor the Ten Commandments and try to live by them. The belief is that a long, long time ago, God gifted us with these guidelines. In this more complex world, we can use twelve more to steer us in positive personal and global ways.

The following are my ideas for the next Twelve Commandments. To be consistent with the first ten, I started with “Thou Shalt.” However, if you have a problem with that, just read the rest of the sentence. Your hearts will probably resonate with these positive courses of action that help create peace and joy.

1. Thou Shalt Be Free to Be Thy Unique Self.

When we are being and expressing who we are, we feel happy and fulfilled. This means exploring our interests, desires, skills and talents and deciding what is right for us. Effective parents help us have high self-esteem, inspire us to be who we are and then support us to live our unique lives, just like mother birds encourage their babies to fly from the nest when they can.

2. Thou Shalt Speak Thy Truth In A Loving Way.

It is more important how we say something than what we say. When we begin our communication with “I” we take responsibility for what we are saying. Speaking from our hearts with kind words is very powerful, because people can hear us and feel good about what we are saying.

3. Thou Shalt Focus On Being Kind and Loving.

3. Thou Shalt Focus On Being Kind and Loving.

Positive words and actions are contagious. Be the person you want others to be. If you want your partner, children and others to be kind and loving then act that way with them.

4. Thou Shalt Allow Thyself Abundance and Share.

Prosperity is your birthright and you deserve abundance. There is a belief that the more you give, the more you receive. It also feels so good to give to others unconditionally.