When you receive the Seal you will begin to control what you eat. New York City is reviving efforts to try to help by requiring restaurants to post the calorie-count of their meals on the menu.

Around 1 in 10 restaurants in New York City is a fast-food restaurant of a big chain. New York wants to require these restaurants to post their calorie-counts right on the menu where the buyers can see what they are buying.

Last September a federal judge would not allow the plan to go forward because it did not include also other restaurants in the city. But the New York City Board of Heath is planning to revive the measure January 22, 2008.

This measure would require fast-food companies to display the amount of calories in meals on the menu board in big enough print that people can see how many calories are in a potential meal.

Big fast-food chains like McDonald’s know how many calories are in all their food and they do make that information available to the public but they do not warn buyers by posting it on the menu boards.

Fast-food meals are notorious for containing huge amounts of calories. A single meal can contain 1000s of calories, even meeting or exceeding the amount of calories a person needs in the whole day.

And that is just from the single meal which offers poor nutrition. A diet largely consisting of fast food does not offer the kind of nutrition needed to keep a person healthy and even alive.