The premier new age store has added a brand new advanced mind programming product called The Dream Manifestor. A blend of clinical hypnosis and brain entrainment technology, this new age meditation program is destined to be a big hit among its relevant customers, experts say.


“I have been working on this for nearly 6 months” states Shafin de Zane, the founder of the new age store. “My goal was to create a mind programming tool that will be both easy to use and extremely powerful at the same time. Being a professional hypnotherapist, I usually deal only with the most difficult of the psychosomatic challenges and I wanted to ensure that this product new age meditation could unleash the full power of what I do on a one on one basis.”

The new age store is one of the most popular new age websites catering to an audience around the world. Famous already for their founder Zane, who is also the author of the highly popular book Redefine Your Reality, this relatively new store has been able to win the hearts of many in a very short period of time. Armed with a product line that is as powerful as it is easy to use, the new age store products are truly “life changers”.

“My goal has always been to bring the most transformational products to the public at a price that almost anyone can afford. This is just another milestone I am proud to cross” says Shafin de Zane who is known also for the free spiritual course that is available around the world changing lives of thousands of people every month. “If you look at our products, they are almost a fraction of a price when you compare with the other brick and mortar businesses. We focus on efficiency and we deliver perfection! When you order from us, our delivery time is not a week, not even overnight, its less than 30 seconds.” The New Age Store prides on delivering only digital products that are instantly delivered within seconds and saves the shopper all the hassle of shipping cost and handling charges.