The new SelfQuest transformational healing software is the result of over a decade in development and testing. It is the result of over 68 combined years of developing the Inner Bonding process. It’s such a powerful self healing cd that it’s been dubbed, “the Psychologist in a Software Program.”

Singer songwriter Alanis Morissette recommends SelfQuest :

“I have been slowly going through your Selfquest program and I am loving it….wanted to let you know how comprehensive and thorough and inspiring and enlightening I have already found it to be. Congratulations. This is a HUGE tool, and for it to be so easily navigate-able makes it so user friendly.”

Levette Brown, Customer Service Representative of Learning Strategies Corporation, has this to say about SelfQuest :

“Self Quest is amazing. I’m calling it my personal therapist. It is so insightful and creates an awareness of the depths that exist within me. In this short amount of time, I have been able to heal some very deep wounds and scars from previous traumatic experiences….the material is so good….Thank you so much for creating this program, I absolutely love it.”

SelfQuest Self Healing CD program now available at

The program guides people to healing their anxiety, depression, and relationship problems in an in-depth and profound way. There is no software program like SelfQuest – it is completely unique. SelfQuest guides you to access the spiritual love, truth and power that enables you to heal self-limiting beliefs and take loving action for yourself and with others.