“Do you know what the largest industrial spill in American history is?” Alexandra Cousteau asked the residents of Kingston, Tenn., today.

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill, some replied. Others got it bang on. “I’d say the fly ash spill in Kingston,” said Terry Nickle as he unloaded his shopping cart.

“Well I’m from Kingston so it’s the ash spill down here in the lake below me,” Marilyn Black told Alexandra on her way into Food City to buy groceries.

When the dike of the Kingston Fossil power plant’s retention pond broke nearly two years ago, 1.2 billion gallons of toxic coal ash slurry spilled into the Clinch and Emory Rivers, roughly six times the volume of oil that gushed into the Gulf of Mexico this summer.

“Really?” one 26-year old mother replied when Alexandra told her this fact. “I would have never guessed.”