Changing Your Life

Changing Your Life

So many people are burnt out, stuck, and/or stressed out. They don’t know where to begin to when life seems so overwhelming. The statement that “we have everything we need within us” is true, but where to start may be elusive.

The Dali Lama says, “All we want is to be happy.” So follow the 5 tips below and begin transforming your life.

1. Acknowledge that you have a problem. Denial is a powerful defense mechanism. Admitting we have a problem means that we might have to do something about it, which frequently keeps us stuck…sometimes, for a very long time.

2. Acknowledge that you have created the problem. This is always the difficult challenge, yet it is the #1 key to freedom. If we admit that we have created the problem, then we are the only ones that have the power to find the solution and change our situation.

3. Name the thoughts and feelings connected to the problem. We can’t solve anything if we can’t name it. Clarity is important. Listen to how you speak to yourself. Notice how your body is feeling in connection with those thoughts. Where are you feeling uncomfortable? What are the sensations in your body that are capturing your attention? Make notes of what you notice.

4. Ask yourself: what’s in my control, what’s out of my control? Being in charge of your life means being “at choice.” It doesn’t mean controlling what others do or say. Recognizing that you can choose how you respond to others is the key to personal success and good mental health.

5. Make a commitment to be brutally honest with yourself. When you tell the truth to yourself, solutions become apparent. It’s only when we live in delusion that we end up lost and chasing our tail.

“Good mental health is not a natural sport,” Ms. Felluss says. “What we naturally do, is react to situations. To ‘respond’ rather than react, requires skill and practice.”

“I learned many coping skills through creating a relationship with my body through dance and movement. Many of the answers I was searching for were accessible through paying attention to the messages and sensations in my body.”

Tina Felluss, LCSW offers a downloadable guide entitled: “How to Manage Stress through Dance” at Beginning a daily practice of dance will assist you in gaining access to the deeper parts of yourself, as well as providing you with a great stress buster. is a popular website that offers tips on transforming your life through dance/movement, body awareness and spirituality.