The following highlights summarize research papers that have been recently published in Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres (JGR-D) and Geophysical Research Letters (GRL). In this release:

1. Landmass shape affects extent of Arctic sea ice
2. Estimating how much rain forests intercept
3. How compliant fault zones respond to nearby earthquakes
4. Measuring the rate of mountain building in New Zealand
5. Interplanetary magnetic field causes changes in the polar cap ionosphere
6. Oxygen and hydrogen follow different escape paths from Venus’s atmosphere.

Anyone may read the scientific abstract for any already-published paper by clicking on the link provided at the end of each Highlight. You can also read the abstract by going to and inserting into the search engine the full doi (digital object identifier), e.g. 10.1029/2010GL043741. The doi is found at the end of each Highlight below.

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