The Art of Selfishness Achieving a harmonious balance between your work responsibilities and your personal life requires that you become selfish. That’s right, selfish. Stop frowning and wipe that look of disbelief from your face. Let’s look at this concept in more detail by examining the word “selfish” in more detail.

Getting Started

We all know about keeping commitments to others. We show up for meetings, we attend to the needs of our co-workers, our spouse and our children . We’re always there for everyone else. But, when it comes to ourselves, sometimes the follow through is not nearly so spectacular.

For example, if you planned a meeting with someone, would you fail to show up? Of course not. Then why do you do this to yourself? You need to turn this around. You need to take care of your needs and responsibilities first. Everyone has this same responsibility to themselves. It’s time that you keep your commitments to yourself so that you have the time, energy and other resources to help others when and how you can.

Do you hate to say “no”? Don’t worry; you’ll never even need to utter that word. Thomas Leonard suggested that you start by never making promises. It’s all about developing a new way of  communicating – one that doesn’t harm the relationship between you and others, but just as important, it doesn’t harm you and the commitments that you make to yourself.

Here are some example phrases you might try with your friends, colleagues, or family members: