Frozen veggies can help you in getting rid off the obesity, nutrition experts in United States say. They have insisted in getting healthier food than the cheapest food.

The experts link the food habits with the lousy economy. They say that the lousy economy threatens to worsen already bulging waistlines because bad-for-you food happens to be the cheapest.

Dr Adam Drewnowski, who directs the University of Washington Center for Public Health Nutrition is pushing for the federal government to put more affordability into the calculation when it issues new dietary guidelines next year.

We wanted to make sure every calorie counted, he says. At the same time, Drewnowski has asserted that he will not ask people to live on salads. Reason: salad greens can be cost four times as much as green beans and not last nearly as long.

Drewnowski suggests potato and protein-rich eggs on the food table. He advocates for spinach if you can afford it. If not, iceberg lettuce has merit, he insists. If you do not have time for cooking from scratch or you live in a low-income neighborhood where good fresh produce is scarce frozen veggies can be better buys anyway, he says.

We want to shift the people from the most nutrient-rich foods to the most affordable nutrient-rich foods, says Drewnowski