Stave off the debilities and diseases of old age with right living routines and rejuvenation therapy

Ayurvedic medicine has delineated rejuvenation as a speciality whose main purpose is to maintain health and virility as age advances. We all age, but we don’t need in the process to enter an epoch time of disease. We can age gracefully and avoid diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, auto-immune diseases, obesity, cancer, etc.

Rejuvenation therapy, or rasayana, is one of the eight clinical specialties of ayurveda, which include internal medicine, surgery, opthalmology, etc. The purpose of rasayana is to prevent aging, impart longevity, build immunity against diseases, improve mental faculties and add vitality and luster.

The rasayana treatment should be customized for each person, based on age, constitution, adaptability, body tissues, microcirculation, digestion and vitality. Methods include achar rasayana (behavioral modification), pancha karma vigyan (detoxification program) and the taking of specific herbs and preparations for the body. In modern herbology these rasayana herbs are referred to as adaptogens for their ability to adapt according to the body’s needs.