Yoga Exercise

Yoga Exercise

If you are still blaming someone for a past event, here’s one way to gain a deeper understanding of the situation so you can end the blame game. And then use this yoga exercise to open your heart and breathe it all in. An old wound Recall an event in your life that did create a lot of pain, and now you feel at peace with it. You have understood that life lesson. Your life even changed significantly and you would give yourself about a 90% mark for letting it go. May I encourage you to look even closer now, and check to see whether you still hold a faint hint of blame or anger, believing it was that entire person’s fault.

3 ways you might have kept the anger-

1. Every time you remember the event, you mostly see the other individual and the significant part they played, which was actually an inauspicious part in your mind’s eye.

2. You totally forget or avoid thinking of the individual you hold some anger towards, and only recount your journey of how you managed to cope with the trying situation.

3. You speak only of the life lesson, and what action you have resolved never to repeat again.
and to change their life..